Is Medium A Social Media Platform?

Engagement is the key ingredient

Maureen Gil
2 min readApr 3


Some confession time. I hate social media. Rather, I hate the work that each platform requires. Want to get your Insta follower count up? Then you need to write 100 comments, like, and follow other Insta peeps every day. Want to get your Twitter game on? Send out ten tweets a day, retweet, and like 1,000 posts!


Is Medium a social media platform? If you treat it like it is, then you can up your engagement rate. So start clapping, commenting, and sharing.
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I’ve been contemplating writing on Medium for a while, but I avoided it because I didn’t want to pay the $50 per year. I didn’t think I should pay to write.

But … I kept finding articles I wanted to read. So, I took the plunge and decided to write a few stories all while reading the stories I wanted.

Here’s the thing about Medium, though. It’s just a fancy-schmancy social media platform, albeit more long form than the others. It’s like if Wordpress and Twitter had a love child.

That means that you need to engage with other writers, leave comments, and clap for posts you like. Add your Medium profile along with your other social media icons.

The more you put in, the better your stories will do.



But, perhaps not. The difference is that here on Medium are things that I want to read … because they are written by writers. Long form. Medium took the best things from Wordpress.

And Medium took the best things from social media (you know, the “social” in the “social media”).

So, is Medium a social media platform? Yes, it is. And the first thing that I learned is that I need to be social.

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