Everything Happens For A Reason


Maureen Gil
4 min readAug 11


I diverge today from my normal humorous post. My brother-in-law was driving home from work on his motorcycle, when a woman who was not paying attention turned right in front of him. You can imagine the horrible scene that transpired: he went ass over kilter and landed on the asphalt.

There are moments that leave us wondering if everything happens for a reason. What if there is an intricate web of fate governing our lives, connecting us to the people we meet, the opportunities that come our way, and the challenges we must face? Throughout history, philosophers and thinkers have grappled with the concept of fate. 

Check out our latest article exploring the concept of fate. Is our life predestined or do we have the power to shape our own destiny? 

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Midjourney prompt: a wheelchair ramp, high quality blogger photography, — ar 4:5 — v 5.2

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Before you tell me what horrible luck I have with cars (see The Kid’s accident #1, The Kid’s accident #2, and The Husband’s tree misfortunate), I think all of America is experiencing a very similar issue. Car insurance premiums are going up because accidents and the amount of money on claims is on a sharp rise.

I’ve lived by the philosophy that “everything happens for a reason” almost my entire life. (Side note: I didn’t know that Christians claim the phrase is biblical.) When tragedy strikes, especially the untimely death of a loved one, that philosophy is often shaken. I think this is an age-old question, actually: why do bad things happen?

Tbh, I’m not a philosopher, I’m not religious, and I’m not particularly learned in the bible or history. So I have no idea the answer to that question.

But my thoughts have recently been with my best friend Cheryl, who passed away over a year ago. Cheryl was learned on the bible, and she was also deeply religious. She would more than likely be able to tell me all the reasons why bad things do happen to good people.

She was also the expert at bad things happening to her. For those of you who weren’t newsletter subscribers then, she was wheelchair-bound due to Cerebral Palsy and several car accidents of her own. She also had so many bad things happen in her life that I couldn’t imagine what was going through her head.

She still smiled, though. Everyday. And she still loved. Everyone. Even the bad people who did bad things.

My brother-in-law is also wheelchair-bound now, but, thankfully not for too long. The Husband and my other brother-in-law were able to build a wooden ramp in less than 3 hours. It was an amazing sight to behold, when a family can come together, out of love and generosity, to overcome such an adversity. Maybe that’s the reason for everything.

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This week, we continue with The Lincoln Lawyer craze. Here’s a recap of Season 2 (Season 1, The Movie). I’m on Episode 6, but you can read up so far if you want. I also decided to forgo my Facebook page since I didn’t care enough about it.

I’m reading Mickey Haller by Michael Connelly, a short book about this dynamic character. If you want to know how Mr. Connelly created Mickey, then it’s a good read. It’s a bit short for the money, but I love to read how authors come up with their characters. Next up: Rough Justice by Stacey Abrams. I’ve read the prologue thus far, and it’s not that great (either in terms of prose or plot). It’s got terrific reviews on Amazon, so hopefully it’s just a bad prologue. Tbh, most authors could excise their prologues.

I’ve also gotten the cooking bug lately, so I decided to add a ton more recipes to the site. More details soon!


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